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The issues we face as a community business is solely because we do not have land ownership and even then the owners of the lands in which we build upon tend to have a different ideology of what our communities need and at times this is overlooked in the wake of financial gain.

'Everything we do happens on land. Today we launch ‘Land for Good’ - the final report of London’s first Land Commission. This independent report looks at how landowners might work together unlock more of our land for homes, green spaces, better transport and workspace.' - Southwark Land Commission Board

In an exciting development for our Southwark community , Southwark Council has unveiled its ambitious vision for the future of land in the borough through the Southwark Land Commission Land For Good report. This initiative promises to bring about significant changes that will impact the lives of local people in a variety of ways. Dr. Miatta Fahnbulleh and other Southwark Councillors gave a wonderful opening which spoke to how we had been hoping Southwark would lead in their approach towards land owners and land use for years.

This Southwark Land Commission aka The SLC marks a pivotal moment for existing business owners in the borough. This initiative carries significant implications for the business community and the preservation of cultural spaces. In this blog post, we will delve into what the Southwark Land Commission means for business owners, the questions the public can ask Southwark during this transformative process, and how it safeguards cultural spaces. We'll also explore what we feel the Southwark Land Commission means for the community and how it aims to shape the future of this vibrant borough.



With this launch only a few days ago, our community site and sidewalk have questions so we have collated the community questions and statement that have arose within the PlushSE16 yard following this SLC launch.

The Southwark Land Commission and its Impact on Local Business Owners:

@plushse16 thoughts from the yard - Community Questions for the SLC.

Q1. How can communities and individuals get involved in advocating for or participating in "land for good" initiatives?

Q2. In the context of "land for good," how do you ensure that the benefits and outcomes are equitable and inclusive, reaching marginalised or underserved populations?

Q3. Can you provide examples of successful initiatives or projects that have implemented the concept of "land for good" to serve social purposes?

Q4. What are some of the challenges or obstacles faced when attempting to repurpose land for social purposes, and how can these challenges be overcome?

Q5. Can you provide examples of successful initiatives or projects that have implemented the concept of "land for good" to serve social purposes?


1. Impact on Business Owners

For local business owners, the Southwark Land Commission presents both opportunities and challenges. The commission's vision may include changes in land use, infrastructure improvements, and economic development initiatives that can directly affect businesses. It's essential for business owners to stay informed about these changes and actively engage with the process to protect their interests and seize potential benefits hence why we will actively partake where possible and welcome Southwark to our safe space as part of any case studies.

2. Community Concern - Business Perspective Questions

As members of the public and business community, there are crucial questions we pose to Southwark Council to ensure transparency and accountability during the Southwark Land Commission process:

a. How will the commission support existing businesses during any land development or redevelopment?

b. What measures are in place to mitigate potential disruptions to local businesses?

c. Will there be opportunities for local businesses to participate in and benefit from new developments?

d. How does Southwark Council plan to engage with the business community and incorporate their input into the commission's decisions?

e. What strategies are in place to protect and promote cultural spaces integral to the community's identity and heritage?

3. Protection of Cultural Spaces

Preserving cultural spaces is a paramount concern in Southwark's evolving landscape. The Southwark Land Commission claims to acknowledge the importance of cultural identity and heritage and aims to safeguard these spaces. This commitment includes measures to protect historical landmarks, promote cultural diversity, and maintain the cultural fabric that enriches the borough. So this commission really is a starting point but as business owners and members of the public, we know at every opportunity we must engage with Southwark Council with the launch of this information, ask critical questions, and ensure that the interests of local businesses are considered and protected throughout the process.

SLC Report 7 Key Recommendations:

The report is made up of 25 priority actions falling under seven key recommendations, with an action plan included at the end of the report, dive into these and share what you hope to see here they sets out high-level timeframes and responsibilities. The seven recommendations are:

  1. Put social purpose at the heart of land use

  2. Map what’s there and what isn’t

  3. Take control of our land and assets

  4. Defend and extend affordable accommodation for all

  5. Cherish our natural capital and decarbonise our land

  6. Give the community real power and voice

  7. Disrupt the status quo to unlock bigger changes

Together, we must help shape a future for Southwark that fosters economic growth, community cohesion, and the preservation of cultural spaces essential to the identity of the borough.



Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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