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Updated: Jul 27, 2023

In today's blog post, we shed light on the disturbing situation that has left our local business displaced, trading through uncertainty and disrupted by displacement but not divided. The sinister intentions of the developers have come to light, revealing a calculated effort to ruin local businesses and sideline the concerns of the community.

Amidst uncertainty, our local business, PlushSE16, valiantly continues to trade on, despite being robbed of our rightful business relocation. The lack of community consultation and impact assessment has only added to the frustration and disillusionment faced by the affected businesses and community members. So, here's what we know;

  1. The Developer's Hidden Agenda: The unfolding situation paints a disheartening picture of how some developers exploit loopholes and bypass vital checks to achieve their ulterior motives. A rogue planning application was stealthily submitted, conveniently omitting community consultation and the much-needed equality and diversity impact assessment. It has become evident to us over the past year that this omission was intentional, aiming to keep the community in the dark and prevent any roadblocks to their plans.

  2. Local Business Ruined: The aftermath of the rogue planning application has been devastating for our local businesses. Plush, is a thriving local business, and has had its dreams of rightful business relocation dashed. With uncertainty looming over our heads, we all continue to operate, displaying resilience in the face of adversity. It is a testament to the strength of local businesses and our determination to serve community at a local and affordable level, no matter the challenges.

  3. Divided Community: Communities thrive on unity, support, and collaboration. However, the developer's hidden agenda was to tear this community apart. The lack of transparency and genuine consultation has left community members feeling betrayed and disregarded. The consequences of such actions reach far beyond the immediate impact on businesses, inflicting lasting scars on our SE16 Rotherhithe community's social fabric.

  4. Trading Through Uncertainty: Despite the setbacks and emotional toll, Michael Clinkett and the PlushSE16 team have shown immense strength by continuing to trade on. Our dedication to serving our customers and maintaining our current commitment to the community sets a remarkable example for other businesses facing adversity. Plush's ability to persevere is a testament to the resilience of local businesses and the importance of their presence in nurturing the community.

  5. The Urgent Need for Change: This heartbreaking situation highlights the need for change in the planning process. Developers must be held accountable for their actions and ensure that community consultations and impact assessments are transparently conducted. The lack of such essential steps like sufficient time has left our community vulnerable to exploitation, ultimately damaging our local economy and social harmony. More importantly the disruption to safe space.

The truth behind the developer's hidden intentions is now clear, so we are shedding light on their calculated efforts to ruin local businesses and divide our community.

Plush stands as an embodiment of strength, trading on through uncertainty despite being robbed of our rightful business relocation.

It is time for the developers and our landlord to make good of this situation and correct this injustice, ensuring transparency, fairness, and accountability in their planning and sale of land process. Only then can we truly protect the livelihoods of our local business and preserve the unity and harmony of our cherished #SE16 community.

For now it's still a trade onsite or road side situation.

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x Team PlushSE16


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