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Updated: Sep 14, 2023

What do you mean when you say that?

See at Plush we are an entire SE16 community that understand that there is no price on the things that evoke what it means to be human.

The ability to engage, network, feast on the go or together, feel good with a new hair cut fade, or discuss the new latest screening of Wakanda Forever or The Woman King, better yet write a few lines for a new Top 10 UK hit whilst sitting in the carwash are some of the raw elements of Plush that make it special.

People need space to be inspired, space to cultivate and nurture craft. The Plush SE16 barbershop is a place where many paths cross but in 20 years it has been a place of raw community, un refined just raw society, the price on a place like this is impossible to quote to trade it or make it disappear.

Since 2019 a group of Developers thought they could do away with our community for less than a Studio flat in Birmingham. 20 years of blood, sweat and tears to create a place that was affordable, reachable and cross cultured. We did that not with Southwark Coucnils help or Investorys, no Regent Land and Developments but through the hard work of a determined Social Entrepreneur and other like minded individuals.

The community of people make Plush what it is, Michael Clinkett makes Plush what it is and every single member of our team make it a relevant and very valid part of society, some have said a priceless part of society, a HUB that should be fueled to thrive not stripped to barley survive at the hands of Regenerational Development and Town Planning applications led by rogue developers and landlords entering into levels of joint enterprise to profit off of our local graft.

We started this to get answers, now everything is clear.

We have been neglected and given very little time to relocate to save our business communities much needed services, this is clear and simple we have been disregarded as a cultural small minority ethnic business so we are here to stand and remind our landlord and the developers.

We remind them we are here on a mission to harness culture in community not destroy it.

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