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With 20 years of experience, we understand the importance of investing in culture in the community; we know how to curate services to ensure they are affordable and enable people from all walks of life to engage and build lifelong relationships.

PLUSHSE16 x HUBSE16 is what happens when business meets community. HUBSE16, a Social Enterprise, an organic addition to our community, is our plan to deliver more for the community in the face of adversity.

Join the Forum and stay tuned for upcoming community projects and events. We're on a mission to fund our communities' ideas and needs.








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My London  Live

Bailiffs trying to evict London barber and carwash so developer can build tower block warned by police

Southwark News

Rotherhithe: Evicted small business owner gets keys back and is free to start trading again

ITV Coverage

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Community First

Building on community, PlushSE16 is a place that promotes existing culture and entrepreneurship through music, food and everyday services.  Extending this ethos of harnessing, unity and belonging HUB through people and place in SE16 and across London is our core mission.

Southwark Heritage

Plush SE16 welcomes various kinds of groupings with a mass scale of opportunity by attracting and increasing visitors to Southwark – through a more informal welcoming setup of local services spanning 20 years.

Harnessing Vision

Plush is a HUB that already exists, but we are working with a vision to make it a sustainable establishment that stands the test of regeneration and development.

Sustainable Futures

We champion a permanent home in SE16 that supports us in harnessing culture in the community. People from all walks of life feel enabled when space is available to gather with purpose.


We are a SE16 community in The London Borough of Southwark, deep rooted in cultural integration through the everyday exchange.

Our community consists of people of all walks and professions, from Pastors to Actors to people with no fixed abode or fighting Homelessness. We harness people daily and fight for our right to place to build capacity and curate thriving sustainable futures through community trade.

We have birthed a Community Interest arm of our business, which, through the collective community, wants to deliver a series of focused workshops to within and beyond Southwark.

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