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BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2023: Community Resilience a Fight for People and Place

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

As we celebrate Black History Month 2023 it's important for us as a culture in community business to recognise and honor the resilience and tenacity of Black businesses and communities in the face of adversity. Throughout history, Black entrepreneurs have not only weathered challenging times but have also been at the forefront of advocating for the rights and well-being of both people and places they call home. In this months special blog post, we celebrate these remarkable efforts and the indomitable spirit of Black businesses that have persevered through difficult times.

Let's dive into the areas that empower us and many other Black Businesses daily.

A Legacy of Entrepreneurship:

Black entrepreneurs have a rich history of contributing to the economic fabric of our communities. From the early days of Black-owned businesses in the face of segregation to the thriving enterprises of today, the legacy of entrepreneurship remains a beacon of hope and inspiration. Celebrating the successes of Black-owned businesses is a testament to the unwavering determination of individuals who have overcome countless obstacles to achieve their goals.

At PlushSE16 a business embodying the cross cultural exchnage through services we harness the hardship daily with great thought to our historic mothers and fathers who made moves in search of 'better' we are their wildest dreams.

Trading Through Adversity:

Black businesses have often been the lifelines of our communities, providing essential goods and services even during the most challenging times. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the resilience of these businesses as they adapted to new circumstances, implemented safety measures, and continued to serve our community. Our ability to trade through adversity speaks to our unwavering commitment to both people and place.

Advocating for Community:

With PlushSE16 deeply rooted in our community, our success is intricately tied to the well-being of those we serve. Over the years, our business has been a vocal advocate for issues affecting our communities, including human rights, economic justice, and social equality.

We have used our pain and platforms to fight for positive change, making a lasting impact on both local and national levels all through the power of being a safe place in the community.

Protecting Cultural Heritage:

Black businesses often play a crucial role in preserving cultural heritage and identity. Through the products they create and the traditions they uphold, these businesses serve as guardians of cultural richness and diversity. Birthed out of our fight "NoPriceOnCulture" is a l=movement that supports our commitment to preserving cultural heritage and empowering people and ensures that future generations can connect with culture in community to uphold roots and appreciate the value of our history.

Nurturing Future Generations:

Black entrepreneurs are not just pioneers in business; they are also mentors and role models for aspiring business owners in their communities. At PlushSE16 our chef with his Caribbean cuisine tantalises the tastebuds of locals and inspires many. The Barbers a perfect blend of African and The Caribbean offers a soul nourishing platform for conversation. By sharing our experiences, knowledge, and wisdom, we aim to empower the next generation to follow in our footsteps, fostering a legacy of success and resilience harnessing the true essence of cultural diversity.

This Black History Month, let us celebrate the remarkable contributions of Black-owned businesses and the communities they serve like PlushSE16. Our teams ability to trade through difficult times, advocate for people and place, protect cultural heritage, and inspire future generations in business is a testament to our historically acclaimed endurance, strength and commitment.

As we honor the past, let us also look forward to a future where Black businesses continue to thrive and play an essential role in shaping vibrant, inclusive communities from Southwark and beyond.

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