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This site is currently a dilapidated building housing car mechanics and artist studios. The site is soon subject to planning permission and would result in us being in the same situation should developers come knocking.

What they failed to do was to see was how our community would maintain stability or be in a position to build long term. This proposal was a draft we created to seek out if St James Road would work for us as a business site. 

We have been very proactive in what has been presented to us, we have sought out Architectural drafts to devise the amount of work and considerations around relocating to a site like this.

Regent Land and Developments with Henshall and Partners made various suggestions of sites for consideration as part of their 'attempts' to relocate PlushSE16. 


St James Road


After a deep level of consideration on workingout if this site could work.

We came to learn that the site was 

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